Teddy Bear Christmas

In the picture my daughter is a two-year old dancing in a sunbeam; her corn silk hair glows and her blueberry eyes are matched in intensity by the rich hue of her leotard and tutu. The dancing costume she so joyfully wears was found at a thrift shop, but she does not notice the worn elastic or frayed edges. At that moment she is a nothing less than a beautiful ballerina performing for her new teddy bear who watches from her bed.

Weeks earlier she had helped select a much smaller teddy bear for a Christmas gift basket for the needy. Our budget was meager, but she found one she thought would please a child who had less than she did.

Christmas came and we were stunned when a basket arrived for our family. It contained a turkey and all the trimmings, but that was not what best demonstrated our Father’s heart for His children. Our daughter’s eyes shone with a delight when she saw a teddy bear that was so big she could barely lift it.My husband and I looked at each other; our eyes shone with tears of gratitude to the God who could not be out-given.

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