Pam Farrel

Author of 35 books including Men Are Like Waffles Women Are Like Spaghetti / Love-Wise

Dr. Gail Bones is a wise woman, a seasoned leader, with a lovely mix of practical encouragement, solid Biblical truth, and a warm friendly style. Gail is also an innovator. She has spent years building some of today’s brightest young leaders with her lifestyle of discipleship and mentoring, and now she has designed a unique retreat to bring the generations together so women can learn from each other in all ages and stage of life.

Leeana Tankersley

Author of Found Art (Zondervan) / Gypsy Ink

CrossWise Living: Navigating Transition is an accessible, practical, and always inspiring dialogue about life’s uncertain times. Gail weaves personal stories about her own detours and disappointments with the truths of Scripture and challenges us to think of our journeys like a sailing vessel trying to catch the wind: progress doesn’t always happen in a perfectly straight line. With interactive elements throughout and opportunities to investigate Scripture intentionally, CrossWise Living will be a companion to you as you navigate the seas of life. Thank you, Gail, for pointing us in the right direction when life has us crosswise!

Wayne Rice

Author & Co-Founder of Youth Specialties / WayneRice.com

Gail approaches everything she does with passion and excellence. As a teacher and professor, she was extremely dedicated, well qualified and loved by students. As a singer and recording artist, she could have been a star had she chosen music as a career. Love her confident attitude, her smile and her strong commitment to her faith and her family.

Virginia Friesen

Speaker/Author / Home Improvement Ministries

Gail Bones is a multi-talented woman of God, who truly walks her talk. For years, she has blessed audiences with her musical talent, leading worship and introducing songs she has written, but her gifting goes well beyond music. She is also endowed with the ability to communicate via both the written word and spoken, and does so articulately and winsomely. She is worth listening to.

Maria Keckler

Communications Consultant / Vineworks Press

Gail’s love for God and heart for ministry radiates through her music. I have attended several events where she led worship and was moved and prepared for the message every time. She will touch your heart and inspire you to reflect on every word sung.

Connie Thomas

Director of Women's Ministries / Mapleview Church

Gail lights up the room with her smile, her music, and her genuine love for the Lord. I appreciate her enthusiasm and heart for God and women as well.

Gail has a passion for the word of God and is able to teach and communicate it with warmth and authenticity. You will be blessed, enriched and equipped in your relationship with the Lord when spending time with Gail.

Dr. Douglas Baker

Pastor / Faith Community Church by the sea

Gail’s ministry of worship and presenting truth is like a good strong cup of coffee in the morning. The aroma of the worship she leads tantalizes the spirit, and the strong taste of grounded truth she offers awakens the mind to see the things of God in a fresh way. Gail has led worship at our church on several occasions and her willingness to share from the heart always challenges us to be real with God and each other. I strongly endorse Gail’s ministry and the insights into life’s transitions that God has given her as he has led her in paths different from her own choosing. She is a faithful witness to the truth and a genuine follower of Christ.

Colleen Crandall

Women’s Ministry Director / Harvest Christian Fellowship

Gail Bones facilitated an inspirational, multi-generational week-end retreat entitled “Crosswise Living: Navigating Transitions” for our Women’s Group during Fall, 2011.

Her instructional style set up an open, friendly, and participatory environment enabling each woman to interact with one another and cross lines that divide women from one other and from God…opening a door for each of us to chart a new course along life’s journey. Each woman who attended Gail’s presentation walked away with a sense of being encouraged by the body of Christ – to go out into the world and LIVE VICTORIOUSLY through life’s transitions.

Laurie Burns

Director of Women's Ministry / Journey Community Church

Gail is not only incredibly gifted as a musician/singer, but also as a speaker whose heart and intention is to pass on truths to others that have shaped her own life. Because of her deep love and trust in God, she communicates in a way that the listener knows she is authentic and approachable. I would recommend Gail to either speak at a retreat, or lead worship/special music, or both!

Jenine Lewis

Women's Bible Teacher / Foundation Church

We have had the pleasure of having Dr. Bones lead worship and also speak at our women’s events. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Bones as a speaker or as a musician. She has a heart for women and connects with them quickly. Her presentations run the gamut of emotions as she had us laughing, crying, and most of all desiring to know God the way she does.

Sandi Hostetler

Pastor's Wife / Hosanna Christian Fellowship

Gail Bones was a guest speaker and performed a concert at Hosanna Christian Fellowships Women’s Retreat. She did an excellent job and was so easy to work with. The women were really blessed and we will certainly have her back in the future.

Teri Antti

Women's Ministries Director / Pine Valley Bible Conference Center

The Pine Valley Bible Conference Center hosts over three hundred groups annually. With these groups come many different leaders, speakers, teachers and worship directors. Of our most beloved events is our Women’s Conferences during which we host an average of 750 women from all over the southwest region of the U.S. This is where Gail comes in. When I first saw Gail leading worship on our main stage I thought of these words: Surrendered, empowered and filled with God’s joy.

It’s a rare and beautiful moment when a worship leader takes command of a stage, a room full of people and ultimately lifts all of us up to the Lord as a sweet fragrant offering. This is what Gail does. She is incredibly skilled on the guitar and as a singer but she also has an additional gifting as a speaker that she weaves in and throughout her captivating music. Worship songs are only as meaningful as the scriptural and testimonial foundation they are based upon. Gail brings that all together. I can only describe worshipping with Gail as feeling the power of singing with four hundred other women but also feeling like I’m in my own living room worshipping God alone….just He and I. It’s so important that our leaders take ownership of what God has given them to do during a large event. Gail is the kind of leader that we can confidently and enthusiastically entrust a group to. We know that God is doing an immeasurably powerful work through her which makes our role as event coordinators so effortless. I would recommend this wonderful woman to whomever is seeking out a worship and/or speaking experience that will leave the congregants closer to the Lord and to each other.