Gail, along with her husband Jeff, has recorded 8 albums of original Christian music, including the book, words and music for two musicals. A multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, Gail is available to lead worship at church or chapel services, for special events or retreats, or to present a concert of original acoustic music.

Featured Album: “Still”


Still, an album of ten original songs, including 2 by Gail’s daughter Emily, creates an atmosphere of worshipful stillness through thoughtful lyrics, richly layered acoustic melodies, and gentle harmonies.

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Teri Antti

Women's Ministries Director / Pine Valley Bible Conference Center

The Pine Valley Bible Conference Center hosts over three hundred groups annually. With these groups come many different leaders, speakers, teachers and worship directors. Of our most beloved events is our Women’s Conferences during which we host an average of 750 women from all over the southwest region of the U.S. This is where Gail comes in. When I first saw Gail leading worship on our main stage I thought of these words: Surrendered, empowered and filled with God’s joy.

It’s a rare and beautiful moment when a worship leader takes command of a stage, a room full of people and ultimately lifts all of us up to the Lord as a sweet fragrant offering. This is what Gail does. She is incredibly skilled on the guitar and as a singer but she also has an additional gifting as a speaker that she weaves in and throughout her captivating music. Worship songs are only as meaningful as the scriptural and testimonial foundation they are based upon. Gail brings that all together. I can only describe worshipping with Gail as feeling the power of singing with four hundred other women but also feeling like I’m in my own living room worshipping God alone….just He and I. It’s so important that our leaders take ownership of what God has given them to do during a large event. Gail is the kind of leader that we can confidently and enthusiastically entrust a group to. We know that God is doing an immeasurably powerful work through her which makes our role as event coordinators so effortless. I would recommend this wonderful woman to whomever is seeking out a worship and/or speaking experience that will leave the congregants closer to the Lord and to each other.



Whatever It Takes (2000)

Song List: Whatever It Takes // Empty Hands // God Works All Things // Life is Hard // Jesus Is My Refuge // Apple of Your Eye // If I Don’t Tell My Friend // Everlasting Love // When I Consider // It’s Time to Stand

Strengthen our Hands (1994)

Song List: Have Mercy // Strengthen Our Hands // Saved By Your Grace // Poppa Provided // Let It Just Go // Pierce the Darkness // Cleanse My Heart // Mean What You Say // Faithful is He // Yes Lord

Covenant Love (1989)

Song List: My Only Hope // Daddy’s Arms // Don’t Quench the Spirit // Hey Mon (by Danny Taylor) // Love Holds Me Tight // Because of Love // Mikey’s Mom // Covenant Love // Say I Love You // Jonathan Jeffrey

The Prize (1988)

Song List: Come On Let’s Sing // Who Made the Animals  // Noah and the Dinosaur // True Science // God Made You and Me // Creation Days // When I Am Afraid // Darwin’s Mistake // Now I Understand

In The Father’s Care (1983)

Song List: Glorify // Count It All Joy // Changes // Bright Eyes // In The Father’s Care // Press On // Samaritan Woman // Winning Side // No Condemnation // Wonderful Light

Changes (1981)

Song List: If You Seek Him // Don’t Let Go Of My Hand // Changes // Jesus Saying I Love You // Don’t Be Afraid of the Father // Cut To the Heart // Higher Ground // I Know Who I’ll Follow



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