Reasons to Rejoice

It was good news and bad news. When I read Proverbs 17:6 in my NLT and saw that “Grandchildren are the crowning glory of the aged,” I clicked straight over to in hopes of finding that verse in another translation. Perhaps I could find one with a more flattering rendering of my current stage in life. Aged? Like the stone-deaf Aged P in Great Expectations? Not me?!

Actually, what I found was worse. “The aged” was actually an improvement over what numerous other versions translated as “old men.”

Oh well, if I must wear the title of “Aged,” I’m just glad there is a crown that comes with it.

Could be worse. With age comes wisdom, and I need all I can get in order to handle the two new titles I’ve recently been given. God has provided me with two reasons to set off fireworks this season; two new titles that are dreams come true.

Living CrossWiseTitle #1: Author of Living CrossWise: Hope and Help for Navigating Transition

After three years of writing and editing and being critiqued and rewriting and experiencing alternating feelings of discouragement and elation, my first book will be published this month. I am honored by the way my friend Leeana Tankersley (author of Found Art and blogger at described it in her endorsement:

Living CrossWise: Hope and Help for Navigating Transition is an accessible, practical and always inspiring dialogue about life’s uncertain times.

Gail weaves personal stories about her own detours and disappointments with the truths of Scripture and challenges us to think of our journeys like a sailing vessel trying to catch the wind: progress doesn’t always happen in a perfectly straight line.

With interactive elements throughout and opportunities to investigate Scripture intentionally, Living CrossWise will be a companion to you as you navigate the seas of life.

Watch for news on my blog about its release date and launch party in early September.

I would also love to have you join us for the 12 week group study of Living CrossWise at Journey Community Church, 8368 Center Drive, La Mesa CA starting Tuesday evening September 10 at 6:30 or Wednesday morning September 11 at 9:30. Childcare is available and you can register online here starting August 25th.

Title #2: Summer’s Grandmother, GiGi.

Now what could possibly trump the excitement of holding a printed book with my name on the cover?

No Contest. Not even close. In June, my daughter and son-in-law placed my first grandchild, Summer Adelle in my arms. It was love at first sight.

For me, this season of transition is accompanied by astonishment, joy, and a deep sense of fulfillment. These are events that I have longed for, dreamed of, prayed about for years.  Gratitude is my overwhelming response.

We often think of transition as hard, and oftentimes it is, but let’s not forget to celebrate, to shoot off fireworks, to announce and applaud the joyful seasons— particularly Summer!

Scripture tells us to weep with those who weep, but also to rejoice with those who rejoice.

What reasons do you have for celebration at this season in your life? We’d love to give God glory for the blessings he’s bestowing on you.