Bluebird Cafe – Singing “Walking with the Teacher”

Friends have advised me that my directions for getting to the appropriate place on the Bluebird website were insufficient. Here is a more complete description:

UPDATE: The Bluebird Cafe has built a new website and links to the archive are yet to be found. I’ve included a video below of the song. Thanks for listening!

  1. The URL is
  2. Once there click the blue box called Webcast Archive.
  3. Next you will find a small active link in about the third paragraph of text that says “visit our streaming partner Eyecentric Media ” Click that.
  4. You need to register to partake of this gateway to all sorts of audio delights , but it is free and painless, as long as you remember to write your password down somewhere.
  5. Once you have registered, you will find a list of Open Mic Nights. The one in question is May 22, 2006. Grab the scroll bar that runs along the bottom and drag it to 2: 30 . I was #21 in the lineup that night. I recommend finding Hogman and listening to him as well. Thanks for listening!

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