Dr. Gail Nelson Bones is an author, speaker, singer-songwriter, worship leader and founder of CrossWise Living, a ministry devoted to helping people at all stages in life navigate change through cross-generational relationships.



Living CrossWise Video

Living CrossWise combines metaphors from sailing with inspirational stories about life’s transitions and topical Bible study to promote cross-generational mentoring relationships.

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Retreats & Conferences

Gail is available to speak for weekend retreats, one-day conferences, or other women’s ministry events. Her interactive retreat is designed to help women of all ages navigate transition, build intergenerational community, and gain tools to mentor and encourage one another.

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Published Materials

Gail is the author of Living CrossWise: Hope and Help for Navigating Transition as well as two intergenerational Bible studies in her CrossWise Living Series, The Book of Ruth and The Book of Mark.

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